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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The best $50 I ever spent...

This thing took down the angry grass in minutes. Would have taken an hour (and then some) with the manual clippers; had I been in better shape, we'd probably have to replant everything. Highly reccomended.

Of course, the more you trim, the more you have to clean up.

Black and Decker 20" Hedge Hog Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

Patented blade design cuts branches up to 3/4" thick
Dual action blades cut branches faster & easier with 40% less vibration
20" Blade for extended reach and even cutting
Powerful motor for superior cutting performance
Full sized, three-sided comfort handle provides larger gripping area for comfort and control
Lock-on switch for continuous running
Lock-off switch Prevents accidental starting
Cord Retention prevents trimmer from coming unplugged
Pre-hardened, rust resistant steel blades stay sharp longer
Fully assembled and ready to trim

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birds are back

This nest seems to have been under construction for about two weeks; walking outside just a few nights ago I startled this guy, and when he flew away I thought itmust have been a bat (early evening, twilight). The nest went up in fits and starts over the last month, but the big build seemed to take just a day (someone must be motivated) and the moss blanket on the exterior of the nest in just a day.

This nest is on the top of the window frame on the south porch, the westernost window facing south from the living room. Good luck little guy!

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