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Monday, April 20, 2009

Herb Garden in, 2009

I have no pictures (it's raining steadily tonight) and less to write about, but suffice to say the herb garden is in for this year (mostly) and a hunch tells me it's significantly and perhaps, better in the long run, that it's sooner than last year. Everything has gone in (including mulch and compost) over the past ten days, and the mulch was from the trees we took out about 2 years ago. I'll report as things develop, but we've had good rain so far this season and it looks like things are taking nicely, except for one Basil plant that took a hit from some dog frolicking today.

I also transplanted the two audacious grass plants that were overpowering the walk to the door. One required a machete to get to the house through those. It was tough work but I won out in the end, relocating two of the plants to the fence gate and the backyard, taking the remaining two to the center of the triangles at the front of the walk. So far, so good, and I'm sure the current rains will help with their abrupt, but well-timed relocation.

One flowering plant (from the location, I'm thinking it's the Dame's Rocket) and perhaps one Lavender Provence survived the brutal woodstove ash avalanche we unfortunately gave the garden this winter. Hope springs eternal, but after some research, lesson learned on that one. As in all things, judiciousness is key.

As I sat down to write this, The Nightfly came up on iTunes (New Frontier, no less), so that bodes well. I think.

More to come.


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