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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mid-Summer Garden Update

Lots of rain this summer has made the herb garden more successful than I could have imagined for a first try. Not everything has been a winner, and I had to make a few emergency changes (note the mint is now OUT of the garden and in a pot on the bench - it was taking over everything)but on the whole I'm really happy with the reults:

The only thing that really didn't work out is the Chives; I got a few small salad's worth out of them , and they've just languished since. Perhaps I went in on them to early.

The big winner has been the Silver-Edged Thyme. Every Harvest seems to encourage new growth, and while the plants still aren't huge, there's always more than I need available.

The other big winners are the Mint, which went so crazy I had to replant it outside of the garden, it was taking over everything, the Agastache "Blue Fortune" (Anise Hyssop) which is now flowering and attracting bees like crazy, and the Lavender. Here's the Anise flowers, close-up and busy:

And a better look at the mint - which I lazily potted in mulch and has only had coffee grounds for fertilizer:

So, in two month's time I'd say not a lot has changed, but I am trying to take not of what is working and what is not. The tomatoes seem to be going OK right now BUT there are only three 'matos on the vine right now and I'm not sure what to make of the fact that although the plants look beautiful, there's just not a lot of fruit coming forth:

Maybe I should have taken everyone's advice and used Miracle-Gro; however it's been nice to keep the entire thing organic. Nice unless we don't get any tomatoes, that is!

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