Free Union Wood and Garden Journal

Location: Free Union, Virginia, United States

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mint Seeded

OK, For the second time, I've picked up some mint (spearmint) seeds and potted them. The package says germination time is 10-14 days - the last pack I planted (both rounds are potted on the back deck) didn't result in anything but a piece of crabgrass, except for one pot I noted had a bunch of randomly placed but identical shoots about 1/8" high; I'm leaving those in case the mint was just a bit sleepy, as that was about a month ago. We'll check back in a few weeks and see if there's any progress, but with a 1.5 week vacation between here and there there might be an H2O issue. Also, since there were a bunch of spare seeds, I took the remainder and fairly carelessly sewed them behind the new tree stump that lies on the slope just off the back porch, which is where I hope to transplant the new pots if they make any progress. Good luck, Minthe!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Peonies about shot

Well, they lasted a little over a week, we got several (I'd say 9-11) flowers clipped, left 3 on and have one more small bloom. This morning one of the remaining blooms had pretty much totally disintegrated. As for the small un-bloomed bloom, I don't know if that one's going to make it.